Technovative Applications designs and develops a broad range of adjunct transceiver modules for munitions.  In their most basic form the transceivers may be just simple identification modules that allow our projectile tracking radars to inquire and identify munitions during their fly-outs.  These transceivers would be used for proximity detonation of fused warheads during intercept missions.  In their most exotic form we have delivered command and control transceivers that allow our radars to communicate to the munitions prior to and during fly-out.  Communication commands include in-flight attitude adjustments or end-game maneuvering just prior to intercept impact or detonation sequence.

Transceivers have been packaged both in the fused front body of munitions and in the aft tail sections.  We have designed conformal forward looking path antennas to support various customer requirements.  All of the active electronics and antenna structures are hardened to survive launch or shot accelerations as high as 100,000 g’s.