Short Range Projectile Acquisition and Tracking System (SPATS)

Technovative Applications was selected by the US Navy to be the primary search, track and fire control/guidance radar for a rocket based ship protection system.  Technovative Applications developed and deployed a proprietary RF interferometer based on precision tracking system technologies developed over the previous decades, and delivered two development systems in 2010.  The shorter range system was optimized with new shorter range, higher scan angle, solid state antennas.  In parallel with these cost reduced antennas, Technovative Applications introduced a new synchronizer, digital receiver, and digital pulse compression functions all implemented in a single FPGA.  FFT and control functions were implemented in a PowerPC.  A third generation of transmit antenna modules was launched to the radar solution that contains microwave, control, and power supply components for 16 elements on a single circuit card assembly.  The antenna circuit card assemblies went through a generational redesign to incorporate ease of fabrication and assembly features to enable commercial vendors using automated equipment to significantly lower costs.  Technovative Applications today can deliver a completed radar for under $3,000,000 USD in quantities as low as single unit.