Projectile Tracking System (PTS)

Crusader Self-Propelled Howitzer
with Projectile Tracking System
Antennas on Turret
Miniaturized PTS Electronics Group NLOS-C Mortar Tank with PTS Antennae Mounted


Technovative Applications is the world’s leader in designing, developing and deploying advanced RF interferometric projectile tracking and guidance systems.

Our systems are in use at test ranges and on advanced gun systems within the US Army inventory.  We began the development of our first tactical vehicle mounted projectile tracking system in 1996, when we won the program to demonstrate the ability to place a vehicle integrated metrology/range effects tracking radar on the Crusader Self-propelled Howitzer.  The gun system was the most advanced and highest automated long range gun ever developed is shown in the image with the turret mounted interferometer radar.

Technovative Applications showed how gun registration could be performed without forward observers or the use of costly GPS projectiles.  For this system we miniaturized the entire suite of radar electronics to enable fitment within the limited turret space on the vehicle.  The electronics group is shown in the adjoining image.  The system also included four electronically scanned antennas, each with 512 radiating elements. The system was completed and initial tracking from a stand-alone tactical trailer was achieved in April 1999. Thereafter it was integrated into an M108 Paladin test gun and tested from mid-1999 through late-2000 with more than 1400 shots fired.  Upon availability of the first Crusader Self Propelled Howitzer (SPH) gun the radar system was moved from the M108  and vehicle integrated in late 2000.  From then until late 2002 the system operated in various test environment, tracking more than 7000 fired projectiles without a failure.  Our PTS was able to withstand the blast from all these rounds and demonstrated tracking of up to six projectiles simultaneously.  A video about the Crusader system can be viewed here: Crusader video (

When the Crusader program was cancelled in 2002, the Technovative Applications PTS technology was identified by the Pentagon as a key enabling technology.  Funding was incremented and the program transferred to the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. Upon definitization of the FCS Non-Line-Of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C), our radar was moved to that platform and put into production.  During the performance of the initial production program phases we further reduced the size and improved manufacturability and affordability of the PTS.  A number of NLOS-C PTS systems were delivered to the Government for test and evaluation and the radars continue to be used for development testing of other types of systems. A short video about the NLOS-C can be found here: NLOS-C video (