Mortar Tracking System (MTS)

Technovative Applications has been a developer and provider of low cost RF sensor programs for over 20 years, and has been a decades long supplier of precision tracking sensor systems to the US Army Proving Grounds.  Our sensors are used as truth elements for testing of weapon systems and validating performance of other RF and optical sensors.

Technovative Applications tailored its mechanically tracked interferometric radar for the US Army’s Proving Grounds to act as range instrumentation and test verification data measurement.  The US Army selected our systems based on the best value system to achieve their precision mortar tracking objectives.  Our systems utilize mechanically pointed fixed beam antennas and include capabilities for simultaneous transmit and receive for tracking mortar projectiles as they exit the launch tubes located only a few meters in front of the radar.  The integrated digital signal processing modes achieve over 50 dB of coherent processing gain.

In the field, the systems have demonstrated the ability to reliably track 155 mm artillery projectiles out to 33 kilometers using only 50 watts of microwave transmit power.   With the capability to track targets with Doppler velocities as low as 0.4 meters per second,  the systems have proven their ability to track manned aircraft, missiles launched from helicopters, hovering helicopters, mortar illumination round separation events, and air burst events.  The primary use of the systems is for lot acceptance testing of mortar projectiles.  The systems have operated year round at Yuma Proving Ground since 1999 with only one down day for periodic maintenance.