Manufacturing and Fabrication Services

We are a vertically integrated technology development, design and production company.   We maintain an ISO 9001:2008 certification to assure our customers that products are the manufactured to the highest standards and configuration management is maintained across multi-generational products.  Our fully integrated design, manufacturing,  and quality system has a common goal of on-time order fulfillment of 100%.

Technovative Applications has a commitment to remain at the forefront of defense electronics technology.  Our experienced staff tracks emerging hardware and software developments, reacting quickly to apply them to our systems once maturity is proven.  Our manufacturing engineering staff works closely with design engineers to ensure our components and subsystems are producible, reliable and maintainable.  This proven process is also applied to our legacy radar systems as well as items originally produced by other companies.  We have a history of leveraging our innovative technology to improve performance, reduce operations and maintenance cost, replace obsolete parts,  or extend system service life.  Our cycle time and affordability to upgrade or update older radar systems leads to a rapid return on investment.  All of this is enabled with the tight integration of our development organization with our materials management and manufacturing under the umbrella of a streamlined and efficient quality system.

To support our customer deliveries Technovative Applications has full in-house ATE (automated test equipment) design and fabrication.  We utilize this to support our rapid electronic prototyping and production capability.  We perform in-house environment stress screening of circuits cards that are designed and assembled in-house.  We maintain a capability to CNC machine, MIG/TIG weld, metal form and manufacture using RTC composite laminations for lightweight, high strength structural panels.   All of these capabilities lead to the ability of TA to deliver components, subsystems and entire sensor systems.

A gallery of manufactured items is provided to demonstrate the breadth of our capabilities

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