AN/TPQ-37 Digital Receiver/Exciter SubsystemAN/TPQ-37 RMI Transmitter InstallationRemote AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel SubsystemMasted AN/MPQ-64 Mobility System

Technovative Applications has a 20 year history of designing, developing and manufacturing subsystems for large military aerospace OEM customers.  Our history is one of technology leadership while offering best value solutions for our customers.  We do this by maintaining a staff of highly skilled engineering professionals who work to develop systems and then work directly with our manufacturing engineers to transition those products into production.  Our management style is focused on methods of minimizing overhead costs and strategic teaming with like structured business partners.  We use best-in-class suppliers, who have a history of delivering high value to our customers by focusing their investments in capital or resources into specific manufacturing areas.  Our time-to-market is world-class, our final product quality is world-class and our contract delivery performance is world-class.  This puts us among a select few industry partners who can be trusted to provide a full range of design, development and production services while always working very closely with our customers to ensure that we deliver exactly the product they desire.

An illustration of our business approach is the AN/TPQ-37 RMI program, where we worked with Thales Raytheon Systems to redesign the legacy radar Klystron Tube transmitter,  and replace it with a modular, graceful degradation air cooled transmitter.  We provided all of the engineering design and production resources to implement the solutions that Thales Raytheon Systems and the Army desired to make the ultimate solution.  It was a Pentagon award winning program for cost savings and reliability improvements.  We delivered the racking system, the power control and distribution system, and RF control network in production volumes, while meeting every cost target,  and never missing a single delivery date over the 4 years of production period.  The systems have proven themselves in theaters from Iraq to Afghanistan and are continuing deployment into foreign military operations today.

For this same radar system our engineering staff was challenged to design and develop a new modular,  all digital receiver/exciter to replace the decades old legacy racks which had components that could no longer be sourced.  Our team designed a new, highly compact, waveform agile receiver/exciter.  With completed validation, a production contract was awarded for full fleet re-fitment.  Between the transmitter and digital receiver/exciter program awards, TA  is  instrumental in extending the lifespan of this valuable US Army asset by over a decade and ensuring a more modern, more reliable and lower cost to operate the system.

For the Army’s AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radar system program,  Technovative Applications designed and produced a C-130 transportable, auto on-load/off-load masting system for the entire radar.  This allows the AN/MPQ-64 to be placed above performance limiting structures and vegetation while operating in the worst worldwide environments.  To support this program TA designed a unique remote operations subsystem that allowed the entire radar to be remotely operated without  physical interface.