Hypervelocity Weapon Terminal Defense Fire Control System (HFCS)

HFCS Fire Control System Test Bed – System folds
for transport in a C-130. Tracking of hypervelocity
projectiles was performed using dish antennas at Eglin
Air Force Base, Florida.

Technovative Applications was an innovator in BMD (Ballistic Missile Defense) sensor systems in the late 1990’s.  Our  innovations in the field of RF interferometry lead to the award of a development contract to show the feasibility of performing the Hypervelocity Weapon Terminal Defense Fire Control task using a field mobile RF sensor platform.  We were selected by the Strategic Missile Defense Command (SMDC) to develop and test a prototype X-Band RF interferometer based fire control sensor with sufficient accuracy to command guide a hypersonic electro magnetic rail gun interceptor throughout a hit-to-kill mission against an incoming ballistic missile warhead.  The system was designed to provide both tracking of an incoming warhead,  and command guide the outgoing projectile to ranges of 25 kilometers.  The project demonstrated critical technologies associated with the command guided weapon system.   Demonstrations included cross range precision CEP of 18 centimeters at 24.8 kilometers, tracking of hypervelocity projectiles fired at up to 2 kilometers per second (6.561 feet per second or Mach 5.87), and developing and communicating with a miniature g’s hardened transceiver at 25 kilometers.  Tracking of the hypervelocity projectiles was performed using a binary phased coded waveform.