TA plays a pivotal role in the supply of critical customer designed and manufactured components across a broad range of programs for US and foreign aerospace customers.  We supply critical electronic, mechanical and software items on a “build to requirements” basis.  Our unique fully spectrum design engineering capability, tied to our world-class manufacturing capability,  enables us to innovate new and unique solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.  Some our unique solutions have included:

  • A 140 kW coaxial to waveguide high power RF combiner.
  • The 1:12 drive RF signal splitter with integral 180 phase shift.
  • Dual speed high performance duplex blower with integral speed control function to conserve tactical field power
  • Medialess air filtration system to remove the need for periodic field maintenance of air filtration equipment for tactical environments

We reach design our component products by intimately linking our design and manufacturing organizations, so that lean processes can be fully deployed onto relatively low volume production rate equipment.  We use a highly skilled and program focused workforce so a smaller number of personnel have the freedom to utilize skills and knowledge to its best impact.  We leverage our internal capabilities with a network of key suppliers who are tightly integrated with our business operations.  This ties our suppliers closely to our customers, and allows us to leverage our internal skills with our extended supply base to deliver cost advantaged solutions to our customers.