Technovative Applications is a leading supplier of precision tracking systems and precision guided munitions for DoD applications.  Our proprietary technologies are built upon decades of development to enable the deployment of advanced RF interferometery yielding tracking precision not feasible with mono-pulse RF systems.  Additionally, Technovative Applications designs and manufactures subsystems and components for large DoD prime contractors needing the latest electronic and RF solutions for harsh environments.

Our products play pivotal roles on US Army programs such as FCS (Future Combat Systems), Firefinder Radars at diverse locations across DoD proving grounds, as well as being embedded into many other defense systems.  Technovative Applications has been providing our customers advanced technology solutions in North America and Europe for 20 years, while retaining our focus on designing and developing RF systems and components for the defense electronics market.

Today, we continue to expand our product lines and services to meet emerging customer needs.  Our broad range of capabilities include the enabling of more accurate projectile and missile tracking and guidance, developing and integrating new capabilities into existing radar systems, and enabling new or existing service platforms to perform missions never dreamt of.

Company Facts

Technovative Applications (TA) was founded in 1987 with the aim of advancing the state of the art in RF Interferometry. We have been designing, developing and manufacturing radars and other RF systems for large military aerospace OEM customers and directly for various US Government customers since our founding.  Our history is one of technology leadership, while offering best value solutions for our customers.  We do this by maintaining a staff of highly skilled and experienced engineering professionals who strive to develop effective systems and then continue working directly with our manufacturing engineers to transition those systems into production. Our management style is focused on minimizing overhead costs, and on strategic teaming with like structured business partners.  We use best-in-class suppliers, who have a history of likewise delivering high value to customers by focusing their investments in capital or resources into specific manufacturing areas.


Our Company President is Jim Williams who spent more than 30 years at Hughes Aircraft Company before founding Technovative Applications.  Forty percent of our staff has technical degrees, and their average experience exceeds 20 years.  Our dedicated staff of technicians, mechanics and production expeditors has also brought in extensive experience in their trades before joining TA. Our people know the difference between a good job and an adequate one and always reach for the best.


Technovative Applications is located in the city of Brea, in Orange County, California.  This geographic location positions us close to many highly skilled suppliers to the aerospace and defense industry.  We have over 24,000 sq. ft. of combined office, manufacturing and storage facilities for the design and development of modern radar and RF interferometry systems. Technovative Applications has a fully equipped electronics assembly floor, an in-house machine shop, and fabrication high bay.  Our electronics assembly areas are clean ESD control working areas, meeting all of  the latest industry standards.  We have a complete weld fabrication, vacuum bond fabrication and sheet metal fabrication capability.  We have fabricated systems as large as 50 feet in height, and we routinely fabricate ruggedized structures that can withstand the shock from artillery or rocket launches.  Technovative Applications facilities also house three dedicated areas for simulation, integration and test of active and passive electrical assemblies including antennas, transmit/receive modules, RF receivers and exciters, and digital processing systems.

We maintain a large selection of specialty electronics test equipment and environmental test chambers to ensure that our production deliveries meet the requirements of our customers. Our systems are tested either on site or at nearby test ranges before delivery.


Technovative Applications is a customer focused company, and  therefore, we view building quality into our systems as the number one priority.  TA has implemented design, management and production processes that reflect the best practices within the aerospace and defense industry, and we constantly strive for improvement. We demand the same from our suppliers.  Our quality processes are frequently audited by our customers, and as well we are audited by Perry Johnson Registrars to maintain our ISO 9001:2008 certification.