For 25 years Technovative Applications has focused on designing and delivering cost effective solutions for predicting impact, measuring impact, tracking and guiding airborne objects.

Technovative Applications is a small business located in Brea, California, developing high-technology affordable radar systems and subsystems  for defense and homeland security. We specialize in precision fire control systems using RF interferometry, which is an approach that provides the highest possible angular accuracy using small antennas.

Our experienced staff supports the system life cycle from development, to manufacturing, to maintenance and service life extension.  In addition to complete sensor systems we also manufacture subsystems and components for a number of large aerospace OEMs.  Our equipment operates today across the globe in support of critical missions.


We perform system and hardware simulations using state-of-the-art computer driven simulation tools.  These lead to optimized performance in electrical, mechanical & software designs. Our staff with extensive industry experience, allows them to quickly identify and  focus on the key issues to produce results rapidly.

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We continuously invest in our facilities, personnel and capabilities to ensure our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility delivers the finest equipment possible.

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